Spring Park Cemetery

SPRING PARK CEMETERY - 1225 Old Military Rd S, Sandstone MN 55072


Call City Hall for information: (320) 245-5241
Alana Tyson, Sexton


Lots are available at a per space price of $450 which includes $100 for Lot and $350 for Perpetual Care.

Perpetual Care will be charged per grave space for burials requested on lots previously sold that do not have perpetual care paid.

Locate Fee- $100.00

Cremains Fee- $200.00

Winter Locate Fee (Jan- Mar 15)- $200.00

Winter Cremains Fee (Jan- Mar 15)- $200.00

Winter Cemetery Plowing (Jan- Mar 12)- $75.00

Traditional Grave Opening/Closing- Family pays directly to contractor