Wellhead Protection is a way to prevent drinking water from becoming polluted by managing possible sources of contamination in the areas that supply water to public wells. Wells become polluted when substances that are harmful to human health get into the groundwater. Everyone has an important part to play in protecting drinking water wells - today and for the future. As part of this role, the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) requires cities to develop and implement a Wellhead Protection Plan (WHP) that include action strategies to educate the public and protect our local water supply.  The emphasis of the WHP is on prevention instead of remediation, as the costs for prevention are less.

MN Rural Water Association. (n.d.). Where Does Your Drinking Water Come From? http://www.mrwa.com/SWP/Brochures/New WHPBROCHURE.pdf.


The City of Sandstone completed this process in December of 2020, and is now in the implementation phase of the plan.  


There are many ways in which you can help protect our drinking water supply by identifying different sources of contamination on your property like:

  • locating and alerting the City to any wells on your property
  • ensuring that chemicals and hazardous products are used and disposed of properly
  • and instituting conservation measures in our homes


Below you can find our 2020 Wellhead Protection Plan (WHPP) and other resources.  

Attached Document or FileMDH Well Sealing Financial Assistance link to well sealing assistance page
Attached Document or FileMDH Wells and Borings link to MDH Wells and Borings Information
Attached Document or FileMDH Drinking Water Protection link to MDH Drinking Water Protection Resources
Attached Document or FileMDH Source Water Protection link to MDH Source Water Protection
Attached Document or FileCIty of Sandstone WHPP CIty of Sandstone WHPP .pdf
Attached Document or FileImplementation Schedule-WHPP 2020 excel file of Implementation Schedule-WHPP 2020
Attached Document or FileNew Wellhead Protection Plan Brochure 2020 New Wellhead Protection Plan Brochure 2020 .pdf
Last updated 6/22/2021